Your Personal Reading with Jennifer

  • Where is your life going
  • Love
  • Money
  • Loved ones who have passed
  • Past lives
  • Medical
  • Relationships

As Jennifer reads you, information will come in providing you are open and willing to receive. Your Psychic Reading is meant for only you and understanding that what is said may or may not pertain to now but what might happen and is for you to do with what you wish.


1 hour phone reading $250.00

1 hour in person $350.00

Hours apply depending on time zone and International time zone

Gallery Sessions

Gallery sessions are where a group of people are gathered,  from 5 to hundreds are together.  Jennifer reads a person in the group, getting information from the other side.  This is not a one on one personal reading but a mini reading so to speak.  Jennifer does not reveal personal  information that would be open to the group.  This  would be personal to you only in a private session.

Gallery Session Pricing is based on time, location and the amount of people that would attend.

To book and appointment please call Jennifer at:  678-314-4551

or email Jennifer here